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Logo Design For Unitech LLC

Unitech (United Technology)

My job Includes designing a corporate logo Identity, Stationery, Company Profile and Website Design & Development.  My client want to keep it simple and clean as possible, So I design a typographic logo which have cutting edge from the letter (…)

Prospectus Cover Design

Hajvery University (HU) – Prospectus Design

This was very interesting project along with very tough client. Below are the two option which I share with them for there consideration  and its was really shocking that they don’t like them. during the conversation there feedback was to copy some prospectus design from (…)

Rozee Report Logo

Top Employer Ranking 2012

Project was to Brochure and Layout/Cover Design for the Report produce by for 2012. My job was to Design the Title,  Cover, layout the report & graphical representational on data to make the profile more interesting to read and a brochure (…)

Rahnuma Newspaper Design Spread

Rahnuma – 1947 Newspaper

Project was designed for Citizen Archive Pakistan. It was a school project in 7th semester at Indus Valley School of Arts.  Project was to design a newspaper which looks alike newspaper from 1947

Company Profile - Shafi Profile

Company Profile – Shafi Tanneries

Project was to design a company profile for Shafi tanneries in which includs cover page and layout designing.

Nelson Mandela Booklet

Biography On Nelson Mandela – Booklet.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela born 18 July 1918) is a South African politician who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999, the first ever to be elected in a fully representative democratic election. Before being elected President, Mandela (…)

Ginsoy Restaurant Branding

Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese

Project was to come up with an brand logo identity for a Chinese restaurant, and Later to design a range of branding material includes stationer design, shop sign, restaurant ginsoy menu design, comments card for visitors, print Ads campaigns, flyer and design (…)

In & Around Karachi – Complete Karachi Map System

My final year design thesis on a complete Karachi map system named “In & Around Karachi” at Indus Valley School or Arts and Architecture. I was awarded DISTINCTION in my thesis project. I am so happy to post my thesis (…)

Diamond Textile Company Profile

Diamond Textile Company Profile

Freelance Graphic Design project when I was studying at Indus Valley School of Arts and friend Paiman Hussain brought this project to me to design company profile for Diamond textile and he also assisted me on this project.