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Search Engine Optimization in Calgary (SEO Services)

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website visible in search engines, such as Google, Bing etc. SEO Service is a powerful way for your business to attract a new visitor to your website. 3.5 billion searches are made just on Google every day. Every one of these is a potential customer looking for a specific product, service or topic. Imagine the potential if you can rank for the right keywords people are searching for find services or product you sell. Proper search engine optimization ensures that your website ranks in a search result for given keywords. Which gives you more exposure to potential customers.

SEO is a continuous battle for acquiring the number one spot for your targeted keywords in a search result. By following the best marketing particles you can turn your visitor into a customer. I help businesses to rank their website in organic searches for targeted keywords. This helps your website to rise above your competition by improving your search engine results (SERP).

Website not showing on search engines result?

If you want to see your site on search engines like Google, Bing then your website needs to be optimized for search engines. When I say optimizing your website for search engine then it includes (but not limited to) many techniques including optimizing page meta titles/description, site page structure, linking strategy, page load speed, user interface, link to your site, citation, social engagement and much more. Making sure that search engine can crawl (access) your website in order to index your website to display in search engine listings.

If you need help finding out why your website is not ranking. I can help you to fix/improve your website visibility. Each website will have different needs, So let talk what are your goals and how can I help you to achieve those goals with my professional SEO service.

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How Search Engine Optimization Services Works.

I offer full Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services) that can be included with a website design service or used for your existing website. I will work with you to determine your goals towards your website and will advise the best way to move forward. Once I know the goals, I will put my SEO knowledge and experience to good use by fully optimizing your website to push it upwards in the search engine rankings.

I  offer a full package to give you all the benefits of comprehensive Search Engine Optimization or offer individual services as you need them. These services include:

Website SEO audit and list of action items to improve your website for search.

Site Audits uncover deficiencies and reasons why your site is not ranking as well as your competitors. SEO audits and prioritized lists help you understand the most important website fixes that need to be made in order for you to start getting the rankings you deserve.

Finding the right keyword phrases.

Keyword Research uncovers all the relevant phrases customers are using to find your type of products and services. List of keywords phrases with search volume and competition will help to determine what keywords to rank your website. (eg:  search engine optimization Calgary  is searched 70 per month in Calgary and it’s a longtail keyword which is relatively easy to rank instead trying to rank on  “SEO Calgary”)

Website On-Page Optimization.

I make sure your keywords are used properly throughout the website, help develop new content to support the terms you want to be found for, help to make your website look credibility and consistency and improve visitor experience and conversion rates.

  • Generate new ideas to market your website.
  • Improve website user interface.
  • Improving meta title & description
  • Eliminating coding error
  • Improving page load speed
  • Implementing link strategy
  • Optimizing pages for better pay per click result
  • Optimization page structure to follow best practices and much more.
  • Optimizing page content.

Off-Site Optimization.

I can also help with “off-site optimization” to build your brand visibility through social media, business listing, reviews, citations and other link building strategies.

Analytics and Reporting.

Analytics setup that helps understand how to improve your website even more. I provide sophisticated website analytics implementation with your website to understand your website visitor data.

Monitor and maintain growth.

Your competitors are always pushing a little harder and the Search Engines are always tweaking their algorithms. Ongoing marketing budget sees solid long-term growth in their business. There are countless ways to become more SEO Friendly and to go after more market share. SEO is a cumulative result of all the small changes you make on your website.

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