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Be the Graphic Designer You’re Dreaming of

Being a graphic designer requires creativity and passion. If you thought of being one and you have both of these, then believe you can be one. There is no actually a real formula for being a graphic designer for each designer has their own paths, touch and style. But for those emerging individuals who still want to take the first step towards their dream of becoming a graphic designer, these can be taken to consideration:

Know what your heart beats for

There are a lot of fields under graphic design that you can focus on like print, motion graphics, etc. Some has a specific field that they really want but some can be as flexible as having passion for all under graphic design.

Choose your design school or self-study

You may choose to enter a design school of your choice, like investing in a good design school, or just being practical and enter a design school that may fit your budget. Some may want to consider self-studying. There are lots of resources available in the internet, as well as books and magazines, for reference. It is important that you know technical terms and know theories if you really want to take graphic design to the next level.  Time management can help a lot. You can make a schedule for your self-study and for discipline, like allotting 2 hours focusing on typography, another 2 hours for motion graphics, so on, like schedules when you are studying at school. There are lots of known graphic designers who just self-studied and expanded their creativity with the resources available.

Know the tools

There are tools and software used by professional graphic designers that are available to all. Some of these are quite expensive but these are good investments if you are really serious in this field. Learning these tools may be possible with the help of schools or the internet. There are lots of websites which post free tutorials as well as instructional videos on how to use these tools and software.


There are lots of portfolios and design inspirations in print, TV, online etc. Explore on the past designs up to the latest trends and design styles. You can gather designs as your inspiration which can also help you when you are stuck in a project. These, then, can help you widen your style and add up ideas to your growing creativity.

Develop your unique style

This way, people can recognize your work when they see it. Having your own style can be developed by practicing your knowledge, observing the experts on how they execute design, and digging deep down your creative self.

Do some work and create your portfolio

Exercise your knowledge and passion. Create designs and execute your creative concepts. You can also ask others if they need posters or designs. These experiences can help you practice being a graphic designer. Remember that clients are different and that design is ¾ research. Design is not just composed of your own creativity for it caters to different clients and market.  Experience can help you a lot. Make sure to keep all of your designs so that you can also see your improvements and you can refer to them for your future design projects. These can also serve as your portfolio while you are still starting.

Nothing is hard if you really want to achieve something. If you really want something, you can work hard and fight for it. So if being a graphic designer is what you really want, then you can follow these and you’re all set to start living your dream.