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Using Type To Design A Letter Mark Logo

Let’s talk about the using type to design a logo identity which also know as the wordmark or letter mark logos. Companies of all industries used type base logos and designing them is distinct letter styles.  These logos are normally simple and compact and large corporations like CNN, General Electric, and Coca-Cola has made good use of this choice for their logos. A logo is the very significant element of your company, we can say that it is a face of your company and identity. When using typography to create a logo for a company, there are several methods to make an impressive logo design.

Starting with Sketching Logo Ideas

Sit down with pencil and paper and start to do quick sketches of the ideas that come to your mind.  No need to spend too much time on detailing your sketches. After that, you can shortlist the best ideas and take that to your designing software to digitalize them.

Selecting Typeface

What typeface you choose depends on the way that particular font connects or pairs together. make sure to shortlist font which matches your sketched Ideas.

When you look at the logo for CNN, each letter is connected seamlessly, and forms the iconic logo recognized easily. The durable and credible CNN logo has remained the same through the years and instills confidence in their company. The font is actually created for CNN but closely resembles the Battlestar Galactica font.

Unnatural and Natural Linking

If you are working to create a letter mark,Many letters can link naturally together, but some letters shouldn’t be placed together. Letters such as O and D will lose their definition and instead of linking, they’ll confuse each other’s recognition. If you have letters for a logo that have a ‘shared stroke’, they can be paired together to create a natural link such as the letters (H and K) or (M and L) etc. Changing the color on one letter gives a differential effect when you need to emphasize each letter separately.

Natural and Unnatural Letter Linking

Interlocking and Letter Cropping

A logo should cause the onlooker to linger and ultimately catch their attention. Use a crop effect to remove the bottom part of each letter and the viewer will have to stay on it to put the pieces together. Cropping just enough to keep the letters intact will cause this effect.

On another hand you can also try Interlocking,  take two letters and gives the impression each one is intertwined with the other. This creates a natural flow and an intriguing design. At times, You can always try playing with two different fonts to complimenting each other.

Interlocking Letter and Croping

Transparency and Color Shades

Transparency softens and can give a logo a bit of a dimensional effect. Take the letters you need, choose different colors or the colors associated with the company, and then play with the transparency of each layer. If you need bolder colors, you can leave the transparency set at 100% in your design program and change the blending mode of each layer to multiply. This adds each letter’s color to the layer it overlaps.

Design a Logo with Transparency and Blending Modes

There will be a lot of time you will be stuck when executing your idea. and you might need to experiment. Below are some options you can try and see if that work with your idea and solve the design.

  • Try with a different font, maybe the font is not right.
  • Different font weight and style. (ex. bold, light, heavy, condensed, italics etc).
  • Experiment with color, opacity and blending options.
  • Upper/Lower case and different sizes for the letter.
  • Try type kerning to adjust the spacing between letters.
  • Try anything that comes to your mind  even taking a letter and cropping or cutting away some of it to fit with the other letters.

The purpose should be to create an eye-catching design which communicates and represent a company’s insignia, attract potential customers, and cause them to know more about the company.

If you need a hand with the creating a professional logo for your company? Free free to contact me or learn more about my logo design service.