Website Design & Development

Don’t have a website? or have a website that needs new/updated look? or your website is not optimized for the Search Engines? and looking for website design service?

Then are you at the right place, I offer all the solution that needs to design and developed your website along with the maintenance service. I do custom website design & development which help your website look much more professional and align with your business branding.  The website I design has a user-friendly interface, modern design and latest technology. Following are the service I provide in this categories.

Custom Web Template Design

I offer custom web template design which includes homepage & inner layouts, color scheme along with a generic content idea for you website development. This only includes design file in PSD.

Custom WordPress Website

What is WordPress? A site generated from a database are called “dynamic”. You, as an owner of the website, have a password-protected admin panel access to the site and without prior programming knowledge, you can create/edit texts, images, files, and much more to your website. Example, you can add new pages, upload images and integrate them directly. All changes are applied immediately on your website.

Why choose WordPress for your website? It’s the most widely use CMS platform for custom website design & development. WordPress sites are easy to rank in search engine and have more advanced options than any other website building platform in this category.

What type of WordPress website I do? there are different kinds of Website depending on your goal/purpose towards your business. Fell free to check out the type of Websites I offer and its pricing.

Process For Developing New Website

The website needs to be layout / design in a way where a visitor could have a good user-friendly experience and able to find desired information on the website. Therefore, there are lots of factors that I usually consider when you do a redesign of the site. Below is the process I follow for a website design & developing project.


  • Content porting
  • 301 Redirects for maintaining you current link juice
  • Site Mapping
  • Understanding Structure (Site Flow)
  • Theme selection ( mobile responsive )

Design & Development

  • Theme Customization
  • Adding Functionality base on requirements
  • Image finding for content
  • Page Structure
  • Contextual links & Call to Action banner
  • Lead Forms Creations
  • Social Media Tools and Sharing Tools

Testing and Lunching Site

  • Testing site functionality
  • Installation of Google Analytics for site tracking
  • Preparing the site for launch
  • One month free website monitoring for any issues.

So How Much Does It Cost

The whole process of designing and developing of the website can range $800 to $5000 or even more depend on the scope of the website. Cost varies depending on the website functionality and its goals.  To get an estimate feel free to contact us with your website needs and its goals.

Website Design Service Pricing