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Mistakes Freelance Graphic Designers Make When Starting Out

This article is intended to give you a heads up on certain things that can make your job easier and more profitable. Making a living as a freelance graphic designer can be a fully rewarding career for certain creative people. Just like any career though, there are problems that can be prevented for freelance graphic designers before-hand.

Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when starting out:

1. Communication

Not staying in contact with your client on continues bases is the number one mistake most graphic designers make when first starting out.

2. Stealing Others’ Designs

Taking inspiration is a good thing but stealing the design or copy pasting  other work and presenting  can damage your reputation and can lead to a lot of legal problems. Remember plagiarism is a big no-no as well.

3. Not Getting a Up-front Payment

Most of  new Graphic Designers usually don’t ask for Up-front payment and they start working on the project. The fair way to do business is ask upfront payment for your work.

4. Update your self with Latest Trends 

Always be sure to keep your software up-to-date. Follow designer blogs and keep your self updated with new trends.

5. Not Setting a Deadline

This a common mistake that new graphic designer do, they don’t ask their clients for project deadline. One thing to remember Client is always in hurry. :P

6. Not Sending the Invoice Soon Enough

Some Freelance Graphic Designers just starting out will wait too long to send the client the invoice. It’s best for all involved to send the invoice as soon as the job is finished. Remember, the sooner you send out the invoice, the sooner you get paid!