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Graphic Designers: Handling Unprofessional Clients

Having clients is one of the dreams of freelance graphic designers so that they can offer and exercise their passion to others and gain income at the same time. This also teaches graphic designers to grow as artists for every project comes with a new challenge for their design abilities.

But then, in some cases, there are issues with clients on projects which a graphic designer should handle in a professional manner. Examples of these issues with clients are:

  • Giving slow payments or wanting a cheaper cost of a great design;
  • Asking for design options.
  • Asking you to design first before they pay;
  • No sufficient planning for the project, which means lack of research, ideas, materials or high-resolution images for the project and they do not know what they want;
  • Forcing to use elements which are not your choice;
  • Asking for too many revisions, asking for additional work but is not willing to pay additional costs;
  • Cancelling projects;

Graphic designers cannot avoid having clients like these since they really face different types of clients and projects in their line of work since graphic design is really essential in all fields of business and work. These issues can be prevented in professional ways such as:

  • Graphic designers should also make their project clear after their meeting with their clients. Having a list of all the details of the project, from design details to what could be needed and what are the costs of these needed resources, as well as a copy of their contract and deal, can be of great help as well. Their terms should be made clear in their meeting, and if it would be possible to have it documented, the better, so that they can refer to their terms and agreement in future problems or as the project resumes.
  •  A good set of time management and schedules for both the client and the graphic designer can also help them resolve issues on revisions and deadlines.
  •  When a client wants you to design first before they pay, and you just don’t want to let them go, you can use precautions like sending a small miniature of your design or project or putting a watermark on it first. Just be careful for there are some other artists who are asking for this but are just getting ideas for their own projects.

Graphic designers should not just be talented in research and design but also in handling different clients without losing their temper.  It should be kept in mind that everything will be done by keeping calm. If the clients are not acting professional, then graphic designers should not forget that they are professionals and they can handle such and get the job done with good communication with the client.

Being a graphic designer, then, requires the graphic designers’ design abilities and portfolio, and of course, their abilities in dealing with their clients, for this will help them stay in this field. If it’s really what you want, though it looks hard, you will still end fulfilled and satisfied in your choice of work.