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Free Exclusive Adobe InDesign Magazine Template

Today’s free exclusive InDesign magazine template v.2 is very suitable for a lifestyle magazine but can also be used for all kinds of magazines like business, health, technology, etc. This installment of our magazine template consists of 20 pages in standard A4 (210mm x 297mm) size. It includes master pages in 2 or 3 column layout and character styles. File is printer ready with proper bleeds provided. Very easy to use and edit. Just replace the photos and text with your own content and you’re ready to go. Packaged rar file consists of the InDesign CS4 indd and INX (interchange) files. Download from the link provided below and enjoy.


indesign magazine template mockupindesign magazine template mockupindesign magazine template mockup



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  • Arturo

    I can’t believe you would meiotnn corel draw! or even quark. what an idiot you must be! Also, you don’t download indesign you buy it, usually an entire Creative Suite, such as Design Premium. This was a good video introduction for people like you (novices). Personally, I am highly advanced and don’t know how i got to this page, but sacdigital does a good job explaining. You should delete corel draw and quark!

    • Raul

      InDesign is a really great prgaorm for designing layouts for print. It will allow you to do much more than most prgaorms.Most printing companies can deal with a wide variety of files, but there are a few you should stick with to be on the safe side. If you’re designing in InDesign, I would go with Adobe PDF file extensions, as InDesign can export them to PDF for you, therefore saving you from any kind of compatibility problems, and will keep the file looking the same as in InDesign. I would think that any printing company you go to can handle a PDF file. If you’re not planning on going to a high end printing company, Office Max or Staples can handle most any type of file (I used to work at Office Max, we’d get every kind of file imaginable).As far as designing the magazine, without knowing much about what you’re doing, I can’t really give much suggestion. However, a handy thing I learned about laying out print files is to make sure you have a bleed on the pages. A bleed is just a quarter of an inch margin outside the page dimensions to compensate for error on the printers part or in trimming of the pages. If you’re just printing letter size at somewhere like Office Max, you probably don’t need to worry about this, but it just makes the pages look better in places such as where a photo runs off the page. Also, if you have a photo that spans across two pages, you won’t have a blank space where it connects.

  • Vedat

    thank you good template :)

    • Mohsinfancy

      You are welcome