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Effective Logo Design Process

Following an organized process can help you design better for you know you’re not missing anything and you have all the resources available.

  • First, you should remember that you already have the design brief, which is the interview with the client about the design and the brand/company.
  • After knowing and building a strong foundation on what you will work on, research is the next step. You have to research on the competitors, and details on the design as well as the execution and those logos which are successful. Remember to problem-solve first before designing.
  • As the preparations are done, now you have to sketch and conceptualize. It will be better to sketch by hand first and having rough drafts than starting digital for it will be faster. Just sketch all your concepts for the design. You can spot weak points on your logos, integrate them, and work on these later on. Breaks can also be done in order to reflect on the designs. You may still have revisions of your sketches.

The use of paper and pencil should not be taken for granted for this can help translate all concepts to paper faster. Designing using software prior to sketching may produce rigid and stiff logos. So go for what can make your designs better.