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E-commerce Website Benefits In Pakistan

What is an e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site allows a company to sell its products online. The payment is handled by electronic means (Visa / Mastercard, Paypal, wire transfer, …) or by bank transfer, although the use of the latter solution tends to decrease sharply. Addition of an online business strategy or classic single (pure players), e-commerce is developing rapidly and continuously.

E-commerce in Pakistan: A booming sector

In the field of web e-commerce, Pakistan seems to have, in recent years, began his ascent, with more than 500 online retail sites active in Pakistan and 1 new sites for sale created per day. This results in a 80% increase in the number of online stores between 2007 and 2010.

Consumer side, confidence in online payment, which was one of the main obstacles to the development of e-commerce in Pakistan, seems to settle and there is a steady increase in such transactions. For 2012 is projected to increase by at least 15% of online sales in Pakistan.

E-commerce in Pakistan: A market to conquer!

If the Pakistan consumer seems to have found his feet in terms of online shopping, with a number of online shoppers and amounts of transactions continues to rise, the Pakistan market, it is little prepared to meet demand. Indeed, in Karachi, only 7% of companies have an online business.

In comparison, our Indian neighbors have 22,000 sites; there are 64,000 active online shops that welcome over 10 million shoppers a year.

The benefits of e-commerce site

Creating an e commerce site, is the opportunity for a company

  1. To increase its turnover
  2. To have a window open 24 hours on 24, 7 on 7
  3. Expand its geographic coverage area
  4. Increase its international visibility
  5. Reduce costs
  6. To recruit new customers
  7. To drive traffic into its physical signs
  8. To present an updated catalog
  9. Rapid deployment of marketing

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