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Logo and Stationery for Shafiq Collection a Jewelry Shop

The project was to create a logo and stationery set for a local luxury jewelry shop in Karachi named “Shafiq Collection – Exquisite Jewelry”. Coming up with the new concept for its identity was very challenging. I started sketching some idea on the paper.. playing with letter “S” and motif which is popular in their jewelry designs.

Something clicks in my mind and I come up with an idea to incorporate their primary commodity which they sell in the shop i.e GOLD and DIAMOND and create an identity which you can see below :)

Shafiq Collection Logo Design
Shafiq Collection Logo Design Pictogram
Shafiq Collection Logo Design Presentation
Shafiq Collection Business Card Design
Shafiq Collection Stationery Design
Shafiq Collection Certificate Folder
Shafiq Collection Certificate Folder

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