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Calgary Stampede, A Day Well Spend With My Family and Friends

I heard about the Stampede event when I moved to Calgary in the winter and people talk very highly about this event, Stampede is one of the biggest events in the world and attracts thousand and thousands of people visiting Calgary Stampede from all around the world.

It was nice noticing Calgarian wears a cowboy hat and dressed like a cowboy/cowgirls all over the street during this whole stampede starts. The whole city enjoys and skips work to attend this event with their friends and family.

Calgary Stampede, Park View

Calgary Stampede Journey Begins.

It was my first time, I visited such big event in my life with my family & friends. It was Sunday morning, we left home 7:30 sharp to take a Transit to reach City Hall LRT Station. So, we can take transfer to Victoria Stampede Station but when we reached Mcknight Westwind LRT Station the train was almost occupied by the people and we somehow manage to get on the train, as soon we reach to CityHall the opposite station was fully packed with the people waiting for the train for Stampede station… for a time being it remains me of back home, where on station traveller are waiting for the train to arrive at the platform.

Anyways, we thought it would be so hard to get on a train, So decided to walk to the stampede park, which was a 20 min walk from the CityHall LRT. We were not the only one who decides to walk there, there were hundred of people walking toward the park. downtown was full of energetic people walk and enjoying their day.

Finally, we reached Stampede park and manage to get in. The park was packed with people, enjoying different kinds of activities such as coke studio with live music, amusement rides, street food, truck food, special exotic food, shopping, gambling and other live performances etc.

Action In Calgary Stampede Park With My Family.

We decided to start with amusement rides in the park and then we move to the different cultural display set up in the park. We visited the native cultural (Indian Village). Where we learn about their tipi’s, sign language, costume and other activities they do in their living.

After that, we had our lunch and did some shopping, picked some souvenirs to remember about this event, and visited another indoor event such as bull riding, horse stable, BMO farm, Cattle penning and we also attended coral live show too.

Closing The Day With Fireworks.

Around midnight for a whole week at stampede event, they do 10 min of firework to close the day. Firework done at stampede park is beautiful and brights the Calgary skyline and it can be noticed from any part of Calgary.  This is how I spend my day with my family and enjoyed the event. I know there are lots of things we missed that day, which we will visit next year.