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These Brilliant Ads From Toronto Will Make You Think Twice Before Littering

This has got to be right up there with the top PSA campaigns this year. Live Green Toronto has come up with six clever print ads as part of an anti-littering campaign to help curb the city’s current problems with trash and pollution. The ads merge the labels on two items of litter to create words like ‘pig’, ‘lazy’ and ‘dumb’ with a tagline that says “Littering says a lot about you”. Check them out below.

anti-littering-live-green-toronto-1 anti-littering-live-green-toronto-2 anti-littering-live-green-toronto-3 anti-littering-live-green-toronto-4 anti-littering-live-green-toronto-5 anti-littering-live-green-toronto-6


ven the most mundanely tackled issues can be communicated in an effective manner and kudos to Live Green for proving it. Seen a better anti-litter campaign (ever)? Share this post and your views in the comments below.