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Adobe Illustrator: A Graphic Designer’s Best Friend

Adobe Illustrator is one of the leading software used by known graphic designers and design studios worldwide. From making patterns, vectors, illustrations, to digital paintings and scalable images, Adobe Illustrator makes the job easy for all.

Adobe Illustrator now offers a new version, which is the Adobe Illustrator CS6, now made even faster and with greater stability in working complex and bigger designs. This allows you to work on your designs more efficiently and faster that it can catch up with your fast paced concepts running in your mind.

In line with the launch of Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the Adobe Creative Cloud membership, which allows you to get new features the moment they are available. There are also exclusive Package Files and unembedded images exclusively for Creative Cloud. This is another feature for faster and better production of designs.

For those who are unfamiliar with the software, Adobe Illustrator is very easy to learn. There are good websites which offers great tutorials which make you learn Adobe Illustrator in no time. Ten of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorial websites that can help you are the following:

Vector Diary

1. Vector Diary

Vector Diary is a famous blog with lots of great tutorials and tips for Illustrator. It is founded by Tony Soh, a graphic designer with undying passion for illustrations. Now, he works with a team of passionate illustrators and designers to offer exceptional tutorials. The blog is well-known for its Illustrator Training Course which helped a lot of designers to learn Illustrator. There are also tutorials exclusive for premium members.

Go Media Zine

2. GoMediaZine

GoMediaZine is a website of design insights and tutorials by graphic design and art professionals. They have a huge collection of tutorials and other sections such as Downloads, where you can buy motion, action and plug-ins, templates, textures and vectors, and some are for free. There are also insights, inspiration and news so it is really a one-stop shop for designers.

Illustrator Help Center

3. Illustrator Design Center

Illustrator Design Center is Adobe’s section dedicated to Illustrator. Here, you can find troubleshoot, tips and tutorials on the software and even videos of the designers discussing some features and tutorials on illustrations using the software.

Vectips ScreenShot

4. Vectips

Vectips is a website of Illustrator tutorials and tips created by Ryan Putnam (Rype) of Rype Arts, who is also an exclusive vector art contributor to iStockphoto.  The website is currently on hiatus but all the previous tips, tricks and tutorials are still posted there. There are also a lot of design inspirations in there.

Vector Tuts.

5. VectorTuts

VectorTuts is a blog of Adobe Illustrator tutorials, freebies, tips and tricks made by authors who work all over the industry. They are also open for submission of tutorials that will be payable if published. More great tutorials and freebies are open for premium members.  There are also challenges and workshops available in the blog.

6. Layers Magazine

Layers is an online magazine dedicated to provide tutorials for Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, GoLive, Acrobat, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver and Flash.  For them, these tutorials of different software, including Illustrator, is the key for every designer to be at their best and to provide dazzling results.

Computer Arts.

7. Computer Arts

Computer Arts is also a magazine which also offers strong tutorials covering everything from photo manipulation using Photoshop to vector illustrations using Illustrator. Like Layers, they also have a variety of tutorials for different software that will help designers to have better artworks. This also offers a collection of design inspirations.

Illustration Class Tutorial

8. Illustration Class

Illustration Class is a blog of illustration tutorials which you can download both the source image and the tutorial. There are also creative tools and links available in the blog. The blog is created by Von Glitschka who has been working at the design industry for more than 23 years.

Designer Today

9. Designer Today

Designer Today is a website of tutorials for Illustrator and other design software. However, there is a huge collection of Illustrator tutorials available in this website for better knowledge on graphic design techniques.

With these Illustrator tutorials and inspirations, you can fulfill your graphic design dreams and be a better graphic designer at the comfort of your home, and for free.